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Georgia's finest house plans from HousePlans Associates

GWINNETT - HousePlans Associates house designers of Atlanta now offers it's house plans at to expand availability throughout our great nation.
Recently named Georgia's top designer of tradition and classic high end homes, HousePlans Associates has completed expanding its sales department and is optimally positioned to provide you with the finest house plans in Georgia and throughout the SouthEast.

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HousePlans Associates' House Plans brings you the very best in residential home designs and house floor plans to purchase right here, on your computer. We have a database of house plans for individual home owners, builders, real-estate agents/house marketing groups, and developers. Search our website to find the house plan that fits your specific needs at the right price for you. 

There's no hassle here, because HousePlans Associates' house plans makes it easy to search for the right house for you. Our house plans range in size from under 1000 square feet to over 6000 square feet, and come in a variety of different residential home designs and styles. 



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Buford, GA 30519     770.831-6795     1.866.517-6500

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GEORGIA - HousePlans Associates Residential Design Consultants has grown to be a leader in the development of award winning house plans, home designs, blue prints and house floor plans. Our company has created thousands of house plans and home designs to fit every lifestyle. We have produced a wide range of exterior home designs and house floor plans with blue prints and configurations ranging in square footage from 500 square feet to over 25,000 square feet.

Pre-designed house plans are available for homebuilders, developers, real estate professionals and individuals who are looking for alternative home plans and house floor plans resources.

We hope that you will take advantage of our market knowledge and experience with our leading house plans, home designs, blue prints and house floor plans and to take care of all of your home designs and needs.

  Master Planned Communities  

About Us     Custom Designs     Developer Services     Masterplan Communities

HousePlans Associates Residential Design Consultants provides a complete scope of community design services.

We have assisted developers and real estate marketing professionals in planning and creating entire neighborhoods with a dozen to hundreds of homes.

We have compiled the complete architectural guidelines and served to review plans, colors and finishes on built homes.

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Please contact Paul O. Martin today to discuss how we can help your firm create a successful and beautiful community.


HousePlans Associates, Inc. is a registered designer at:
The Manor
Governors Town Club
River Club
Country Club of the South
St. Ives Country Club
Champions View Country Club
The Homestead
Sugar Loaf Country Club
Laurel Springs Country Club
Belvedere Island Plantation
St. Marlo Country Club
Birch River Country Club
Marina Bay
Cumberland Harbor Country Club

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ATLANTA, Georgia - Garrell Associates house designers of Atlanta now offers it's house plans at to expand it's availability throughout the nation.

You can also see the company's latest advertising composition: CLICK HERE or go to

Garrell Associates, Inc. is an Atlanta based residential design consultants firm founded by Michael W. Garrell in 1993. Mr. Garrell is a leading residential home designer having 17 years experience in the design of custom and production residential projects. Ten years of this time were spent as Senior Designer of one of Atlanta's largest builders, where Mr. Garrell was responsible for the residential design and design execution of approximately 2600 single family units. Residential designer and co-owner James H. Klippel joined the firm in 1994. Jim began working in the Atlanta home building business in 1974.

Together, Michael W. Garrell and James H. Klippel have made Garrell Associates an innovative resource for both professional homebuilders and individual clients who want the ultimate in custom designed homes. Garrell Associates, Inc. a leading residential design consultants firm brings together nearly 40 years of hands-on experience in Atlanta, working with many of the southeast's finest homebuilders. In addition to custom designs and four plan books, Garrell Associates, Inc. offers a variety of builder services, including community design and design review. Over the last 10 years, Garrell Associates, Inc. has been recognized with 28 prestigious awards for residential design excellence.

Garrell Associates, Inc. has worked with many of Atlanta's top 25 volume home builders including Colony Homes, Highland Homes, D.R. Horton, MDC Homes, Morrison Homes, Bowen Builders Group, Peachtree Residential, Touchtone Homes, and Beazer Homes.

The Companies ability to reduce construction costs through simplification of foundation and roof structures plays a significant part in attracting clients. Garrell Associates also provides services to the high-end custom market and the coastal market with a plan book that features low Country Ante-Bellum and Vernacular designs.

Garrell Associates award winning design team has created hundreds of stock house plans from which to choose your new home. They can also create a custom-tailored home to your personal life style. Garrell Associates has created custom designs from under 1,000 square feet to well over 10,000 square feet. You can see many examples of their work in Atlanta and in coastal Georgia's most prestigious communities. In addition to custom designs and four plan books, Garrell Associates, Inc. offers a variety of builder services, including community design and design review.

For more information in Atlanta, visit


Garrell Associates, Inc. is a registered designer in the following communities:

Country Club of the South 
St. Ives Country Club 
Champions View Country Club 
The Homestead
Sugar Loaf Country Club
Laurel Springs Country Club
Belvedere Island Plantation
St. Marlo Country Club 
Birch River Country Club

For more information in Greater Georgia, visit


Over the last 10 years, Garrell Associates, Inc. has been recognized with 128 prestigious awards for excellence in residential home designs. Garrrell Associates, Inc., counted among Atlanta's leading design companies for residential home designs excellence, recently capped the success of 1999 with 11 new awards for design excellence.

The company's awards sweep at the recent 1999 "Street of Dreams Show" helped to make 1999 a "dream year" for Garrell Associates, Inc. The show honored Garrell Associates, Inc. with 5 out of 5 awards from the design of Ashley Manor a nearly 5,000 sq ft custom home.

Ashley Manor featured the innovative style, imaginative detailing and architectural excitement that captured the top awards for all 5 categories, including the professionally judged awards for Best Architectural Design, Best Interior Design, and Best of Show. Garrell Associates, Inc. also claimed the attention of the public in the categories voted best by the visitors: Best of Show - Public Award and Best Architectural Design - Public Award.

Michael W. Garrrell, founding principal of Garrell Associates, Inc., believes the tremendous success was due to the company's ability to design homes that are both imaginative and very livable. "We are extremely pleased at the sweep of awards at the 'Street of Dreams' at BridgeMill. The level of architectural design, interior design and construction was very competitive, making it even more exciting to place as high as we did." Garrell went on to say, "Our team at Garrell Associates, Inc. knows the importance of creating homes that not only look exciting, but live very comfortably. We have earned our reputation by designing homes that respond to what today's buyers want."

Adding more awards to Garrell Associates' roster was the 1999 Professionalism Awards, sponsored by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association Sales and Marketing Council in November 1999. Considered the ultimate award for Atlanta's home building industry, the 1999 Professionalism Awards presented 6 new awards to Garrell Associates, Inc., including Gold Awards in three Best Single Family Detached categories: $220,000 to $249,999 for Touchstone Homes in Highlands at Park Ridge; $250,000 to $299,999 for Touchstone Homes at Hamilton Mill, and $575,000 to $649,999 for Bowen Builders Group at Belmore Estates. Three Silver Awards were won for Best Single Family Detached categories: $100,000 to $129,000 for Bowen Builders Group at Weatherstone Park; $190,000 to $219,999 for Ashton Woods at Canterbury Woods; and $250,000 to $299,999 for John Willis Homes at Three Chimneys Farm.

James H. Klippel, co-principal of Garrell Associates, Inc., said the company is extremely gratified by the number of awards in so many price-point categories at the Professionalism Awards. "Garrell Associates takes tremendous pride in our ability to design home for a broad spectrum of home builders and buyers," said Klippel. "We are experts at value-engineering a home, so we can create more design excitement without proportionally increasing the cost to build. That's one of the distinct advantages that allows us to design award winning homes in all price ranges. Our custom homes reveal our variety and range of styles in both floor plan and exterior designs."

For more information in Greater Georgia, visit

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