ATLANTA- “We Buy Gold” and “Cash for Gold” dealers:

ATLANTA – In past years, Gwinnett Gold Brokers near the Mall of Georgia has primarily focused their business on barbecue grill reviews purchasing gold, jewelry and other precious metals in all forms & conditions from “We Buy Gold” and “Cash for Gold” dealers.  Some of these dealers work directly with refineries, but many are unable to do so for what ever reason – so they have to sell their inventory to brokers who charge a small percentage like Gwinnett Gold Brokers in Buford.

In recent months, the price consumers have been receiving for their valuable property has dropped to unconscionable levels while the market price of gold and other precious metals continues to rise steadily.  Three to five dollars per small grill charcoal gram for fourteen-karat gold seems to be the going rate, at least at the half dozen or so “We Buy Gold” dealers in and around the Mall of Georgia.

Gwinnett Gold Brokers usually pays dealers one dollar per gram per karat, depending on market prices.  This means that a 14k gold necklace or bracelet that weighs about an ounce (or the approximate weight of a silver dollar) brings mine dyna glo smoker is good better than $14 per gram or $500 for the item from GGB.  The local area dealers would pay $93 to $155 for the same item, while advertising and claiming that they pay “Top Dollar” or “Highest Prices.”

These gold dealers are making such huge profits from their current price schedule that they continue to open more and more stores even today.  And they’re getting great deals on commercial rent from the more than half empty strip malls that exist just about everywhere.

Since local “Cash for Gold” dealers haven’t been paying fair prices to consumers – Gwinnett Gold Brokers this week announced that they would be dealing directly with consumers and paying them the same price that they’ve been paying dealers.  Other benefits of dealing with Gwinnett Gold brokers include seeing clients by appointment only for the customers’ privacy and security, giving quotes over the phone, free house calls in Gwinnett, transactions are made in CASH ONLY, and GGB does business from 10AM to 9PM seven days a week.

Newspapers and local & national television news crews have done many stories on GGB over the years, and often when news producers need current information on the local gold market – they turn to GGB for related information of the highest integrity.

Where is GGB located?  They have owned their own commercial property in Buford for over a decade, but in recent years – a sub-division has emerged in front of the company’s property.  This gives the appearance that it’s a temporary my aunt bought this cool weber electric grill, unprofessional operation being run out of somebody’s basement.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, the owners have interest in many storefronts around Atlanta.  They simply prefer the safety, comfort and elegance of their present location and wouldn’t have it any other way.  Anyone objecting to the lack of formality of a storefront may feel more comfortable dealing with one of the endless “We Buy Gold” dealers seemingly popping up everywhere.

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ATLANTA – Atlanta Gold Refinery:

The Beaver Ruin Road, Lilburn location is the first of five stores that are planned to open over the next several months.  The company’s second store which they plan to open soon will be located in the Mall of Georgia area.  Future stores are planned for Buckhead, Alpharetta and Midtown Atlanta the best kitchenaid spiralizer! All stores will serve clients by appointment only and will hold extended hours to accommodate those who work long or late hours.

In sharp contrast to other Atlanta area “Cash for Gold” stores or “We Buy Gold” dealers which are commonly known for paying their customers less than 50% market value for their gold, Atlanta Gold Refinery charges their clients only a 10% fee along with additional 2 to 5% processing and regulatory fees.

For several years Atlanta Gold Refinery under their former name, Gwinnett Gold Brokers, has provided a place where Atlanta area consumers can bring their valuable jewelry, gold and other precious metals to convert them into cash for a relatively small fee.  Obviously, these individuals are strapped for cash when they arrive at the store or they wouldn’t be selling things that mean so much to them and their families.

Gwinnett Gold Brokers of Buford has undergone a uniquely bold and ambitious expansion of their organization.  The company has advanced their scope of services to the next level by becoming Atlanta’s ONLY gold refinery that deals directly with the public.  Under their new name, “Atlanta Gold Refinery,” individuals can now deal directly with their local refinery to receive even more money for their gold and silver.

This news media organization’s long term, extensive research overwhelmingly indicates that gold dealers typically pay consumers far less than 50% of market value for their jewelry.  In fact, “Cash for Gold” storefronts throughout Greater Atlanta very often keep as much as 85% of their customers’ money – often by misleading them by misrepresenting the purity of the customer’s gold, the market value of their gold and even the weight of their customers’ gold and other precious metals.

According to our research, Gwinnett Gold Brokers is the only business that consistently gives their clients accurate information breville je98xl juice fountain plus 850 watt juicing machine regarding purity, weight and market value.  They also compensate their customers never less than 80% of the true market value of their jewelry.

So, the next time you’re considering selling any amount of gold, jewelry or other precious metals – we recommend more than doubling the amount of money you’ll receive by dealing directly with a refinery and cutting out the middle-man.  Chances are, if you can afford to give away more than half the value of your expensive jewelry, you probably don’t really need to sell it in the first place.  “Good Will” and “The Salvation Army” do a fantastic job of putting it to good use.

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PainCare Holdings Completes Asset Acquisition of Georgia Pain Physicians, P.C. and Merger of Georgia Surgical Centers, Inc.

PainCare Holdings delivers the ability for GPP physicians to spend more time with patients.

The GPP staff has been researching buy HQ WINE coolers [website] anti-aging for years. Let’s face it…as we grow older…it hurts…

We have discovered some interesting things. In the weeks to come we will be developing an entire section of this site devoted to information on how you can live healthier lives, stay more active, and ultimately avoid painful conditions new air beverage cooler associated with aging longer!

Determining the correct approach to intervention and treatment is a “critical core competency” of the practice. Whether a patient’s condition is best treated with therapy, trigger point injections, implanted pumps tall narrow wine cooler, traditional drugs, percutaneous (killing sympathetic nerves) procedures, neuroblative therapies (killing of select sensory nerves to stop chronic, non-productive pain) or a combination of the above, we can find a way to balance your pain treatment with your goals, and your life’s day-to-day activities!

Georgia Pain Physicians, P.C. is a nationally recognized pain management practice that has achieved acclaim for its conservative approach to pain management. Our core philosophy revolves around the goal of finding a balance between the severity of the medical condition, and the patient’s desire and ability to engage in their own treatment.

Every case is based on a search for the root cause of a patient’s pain, not just a “quick fix” approach aimed only at symptomatic relief 32 bottle wine cooler. When pain is managed properly, the net result is a more active lifestyle, which in itself leads to a healthier existence.

Here are just a few conditions that can cause chronic pain:

migraines and cluster headaches

reflex sympathetic dystrophy

failed back surgery syndrome


immune system disorders

vertebroplasty (vertebral compression fracture)

herniated disc

failed discectomy



back pain

neck pain

myofacial pain

complex regional pain syndrome

The Diagnosis – the art of listening

The latest diagnostic tools and technologies are used by the professionals at Georgia Pain Physicians to make accurate assessments:

Electrodiagnostic nerve testing

traditional MRI’s,


bone scans

diagnostic spinal injections

However, the most important information comes from our patients. The doctors you meet with will spend time asking questions and listening to your answers. We understand that you, and your personal experiences with your pain, represent some of the most important data available to us for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Georgia Pain Physicians is privileged to work with many of the world’s foremost medical device and pharmaceutical companies. Some of these firms have developed best-of-breed e-Learning simulations to illustrate the processes involved in pain transmission.

These materials are targeted to physicians, but also appropriate for patients interested in the physiological aspects of pain, and tools used to treat chronic pain. Special thanks to Purdue Pharma LP, ANS, and Medtronic.

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