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The Ultimate Gift Ideas for Children on a Low Budget

Buying gifts for kids have come a long way. Today there are a number of stores selling umpteen numbers of things for kids of various age groups. The more interesting these gifts are, the more expensive they get.

However, anytime you get something, you need to see the value for money. Many are on a strict budget and struggle to get something both fun and useful for the kids.  If you enter starwalkkids, the sheer number of options to choose from is enough to throw anyone off.

Low Budget Buys

When you are on a low budget and want to buy some gift for a child, here is what you can get:

  • Books

Books are any day cheaper than the automated and musical toys these days. With animated movie characters being made into figurines, the price range for such toys has just multiplied over the years. Books still remain around the same range. Also, you have a number of options to choose from, based on your budget.

  • Pretend Play Sets

Kitchen sets, doll sets, etc come in various price ranges. You can choose a low budget one that does not have electronic equipment or automated items like in a real kitchen, etc.

  • Sports Goods

Balls for various sports are still in the same price range. This will add so much fun to the child’s time and many do not have a variety of such outdoor sport goods.

  • Swing

A simple wooden swing that can be suspended from the ceiling or a tree branch won’t cost much but is a lot of fun. Gives the child to step outside rather than stay inside glued to the electronic gadgets.

  • Puzzles

These come in various price ranges too. Instead of going in for some character that is in trend and is selling related merchandise at a high rate, go in for common things like animals, places, fruits, etc. these are cheap and give the same value as any other puzzle.