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This Is Why I Simply Adore Ysl Bags

Okay, confession time!

I am a bag person and I sometimes can get so worked up with getting ready if I think that any of my bags or clutches from the huge collection that I have does not go well with the outfit that I am tying. In fact, I am so fussy that I choose my clothes to work them around my bags and not vice versa as probably the rest of the humanity does. I find it absurd sometimes and it makes me a bit tired too but really cannot help because this is how I have been from the beginning.

My love for iconic bags:

Even though I do not have any prejudice towards an unbranded bag or a bag from a lesser known brand, it is usually a branded bag that I reach out for. No, please don’t mistake me for being haughty; it’s just that the quality and the impeccable finish are a big draw. Generally, the lesser known brands or the fakes of the original bags are so bad in their outward finish that they are a dead giveaway as soon as you pick them up!

Saint Laurent bags are my favorite:

I particularly like my ysl bags and I have a big collection of them. The eponymous brand is one that I can trust with my eyes closed. They come in so many forms and colors that I wish I had them in every possible hue and color to go with every outfit in my wardrobe or any one that o would be buying for the rest of my life.

Why I like them:

The brand makes bags that are extremely feminine and provocative in design. They truly belong to the haute couture. But the best part about them is that they are timeless pieces of craftsmanship. Consider this: I have a tote bag that my mum bought about twenty years ago and she passed it to me but if you see it right now in my hand, you may never be able to believe that it is so old. Classic and class apart!