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Game for Coins?

Madden Ultimate Team game so addictive you can go through unlimited challenges to win .The currency in it, is the driving force of the game. Collecting MUT points or coins isn’t easy. After the first three solo games I got a decent collection of currency. And I was prepared to auction. I began to bid and lo behold I was falling short of a couple of hundred coins. That is when I began tackling tutorials which is an important part of the game. Here is where I got my MUT coins. There are certain tasks we need to complete. I won two sets and that’s how I upped my collection.

Now am ready to make a team of good player whom I can afford, to beat the opposition in the team games. This is more addictive than I imagined especially for a player like me who is not so much into sport. I cannot fathom the common gamers who are into it both followers of the game and playing online. I need to educate myself about the game more to be able to play more longshot challenges and collect gold and silver packs with coins. Now I am beginning to get a grip of MUT, indeed an Ultimate gaming experience. I am a part of the Team of the weak. There are defensive and offensive teams which are true to their names. That will be a major challenge. Hoping to reach there soon.

The game has a good step by step guide and suggestions which is very helpful. As you try them out one gets more and more confident. So at the moment I am basking in my progress. Its jingle all the way for now!!