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Why Use Strimmer?

Anyone who has a garden area outside the house will know that the grass in the garden can grow to almost 6 inches long if they are not trimmed after a regular interval of time. Thus, you must have proper equipment at home so that whenever you feel that the grass has grown tall, you will trim it on your own. You cannot depend on those old methods of using garden scissors because it will take you ages to trim the whole garden area and also there will be less uniformity. Thus, you need a strimmer to maintain your garden with comparatively less effort.

  • Strimmers are versatile in nature. They can be used on any type of terrain whether it is irregular at some places. Usually, garden surfaces will not necessarily be even throughout. In fact, it can be hard to reach the tight corners but with strimmers it becomes very convenient to trim those corners.
  • You might wonder if the strimmer will be too heavy for you to handle, but the fact is there are many light and easy to use strimmer models available in the market. It hardly weighs 2 kilograms. Its operation is quite easy and all you need to do is to switch on the power.
  • You can opt for any power source that you want. These can work on petrol, rechargeable batteries or electricity. With electric powered units, the cutting speed will be very high. In case of a large area, petrol powered units can be used.
  • With a strimmer, you can choose the width of the grass cutting. Actually, strimmers have a monofilament line which is flexible enough to be adjusted and also it can be extended if required. This can be easily extended up to 30 to 40 cm. But for effective cutting, extended monofilament line will require more power.