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5 Warning signs you need a new Sous Vide Machine

The other day I had invited a few of my neighbor over for a high tea:

I served them my trademark strawberry cake along with homemade cookies and tea. They were head over heels over my cake and I must say I was quite flattered by all those compliments coming my way.

I told them that I was a baker by profession once and that this was only a couple of my specialties. They were so curious to know what else was and I promised them that over the next year I would frequently be baking and sharing some of my goodies and if they were interested also share the recipes with them.

Now, I had also invested in sous vide machine and that lay open in the kitchen waiting for me to cook my dinner. So, one of the friends walks in and asks me what exactly the machine was because it resembled like some machine that she saw at a fancy restaurant albeit a much bigger one.

I told her that it was sous vide machine and that it is quite right for her to recall the machine that she saw at the restaurant because they are almost similar except for the size of scale.

The discussion in the group veered to the machine:

I then started explaining to them what the advantages of cooking in this machine are over the other traditional forms of cooking and soon enough a couple of ladies were quick to exclaim that they have been looking for something like this but have been procrastinating their shopping for a bit.

I told them that ever since my papa has tasted meat cooked in my sous vide machine, he has got one of his own too. My dad loves to use his sous vide machine. He is the kind who loves to experiment with his food a bit but if he likes it a certain way that it has to come out consistently like that every time and that is perhaps why he loves his machine too!

Why Online Shopping For Lights; Is So Popular?

These days almost everything is available online. Online shopping is basically easy and saves a lot of time. However, have you tried shopping for lights online? If not, then here are some reasons that will encourage you to shop for your lighting needs online from now on.

  1. It is convenient. As far as shopping in today’s world, with roads all jam-packed with traffic is concerned, the convenience of shopping is important. You can shop anytime and the opening and closing hours of the electrical stores will not matter anymore. Online shopping for lights is open at your disposal around the clock.
  2. Moreover, you can avoid crowds at the stores and also avoid going to crowded streets for shopping.
  3. Options are plenty. You might not find what you are looking for at your local store. Rather searching for lights online offers you with a wide variety of products, available in different colors and shapes and that too of the latest types.
  4. In addition, you can go shopping around the globe right at the comforts of your home. Online shopping has open windows to stores across the globe, thus you can choose products and brands from almost any parts of the world.
  5. You can do a price comparison without having to hop from one store to another. This helps you earn maximum savings on your purchase.
  6. Additionally, lights are available at competitive prices. Most online stores offer the best price that you will not find at the stores nearby you. You can avail good deals and discounts for the products you choose, as there is no interference of the intermediary person.
  7. Lastly, your chosen items are delivered to you safely at no extra cost, thus saving you the trouble and efforts of having to carefully handle your fragile lighting systems.

So now, there is only one thing to remember while shopping for lights online. Modern Place is your one-stop solution for all your lighting needs.

The Downside Risk Of Shopping That No One Is Talking About

Enough said about shopping being therapeutic!

If you are one of those who loves to go shopping whether actually or online, you must cut yourself short and think what kind of world you are creating for your children. I am guilty myself because before this one incident that shook me up completely and brought me back to my senses, I always –always thought that the best thing to have happened to people after the internet was e-commerce.

I was totally astounded by the benefits of E-commerce and being able to sit in your own living room and ordering things that are a few hundred kilometers away and getting them delivered to your doorstep. I mean it makes so much sense in today’s world where distances have shrunk!

How wrong I was!

The fact that I was doing it in front of my children was like giving them a time bomb each. As a parent, you look forward to bringing up productive children who would be independent and do their things by themselves, right?

But the message I was clearly passing to my teens was that look, it is so easy to be lazy and to order just about anything via the internet and then what comes at your doorstep is something you quite imagined it to be and you were lucky if it turned out to be as you imagined o even better than that!

But hey! Look what one of them did:

So, one day when I was at lillysplace, one of them took on to my phone and accessed the shopping website and ordered the most atrocious stuff that he could and even deferred payment through my card. The stuff came in only when I was returning from work three days later and he wasn’t there home yet. Now it made sense why he kept asking me if the mailman had come in yet!!