ATLANTA- “We Buy Gold” and “Cash for Gold” dealers:

ATLANTA – In past years, Gwinnett Gold Brokers near the Mall of Georgia has primarily focused their business on barbecue grill reviews purchasing gold, jewelry and other precious metals in all forms & conditions from “We Buy Gold” and “Cash for Gold” dealers.  Some of these dealers work directly with refineries, but many are unable to do so for what ever reason – so they have to sell their inventory to brokers who charge a small percentage like Gwinnett Gold Brokers in Buford.

In recent months, the price consumers have been receiving for their valuable property has dropped to unconscionable levels while the market price of gold and other precious metals continues to rise steadily.  Three to five dollars per small grill charcoal gram for fourteen-karat gold seems to be the going rate, at least at the half dozen or so “We Buy Gold” dealers in and around the Mall of Georgia.

Gwinnett Gold Brokers usually pays dealers one dollar per gram per karat, depending on market prices.  This means that a 14k gold necklace or bracelet that weighs about an ounce (or the approximate weight of a silver dollar) brings mine dyna glo smoker is good better than $14 per gram or $500 for the item from GGB.  The local area dealers would pay $93 to $155 for the same item, while advertising and claiming that they pay “Top Dollar” or “Highest Prices.”

These gold dealers are making such huge profits from their current price schedule that they continue to open more and more stores even today.  And they’re getting great deals on commercial rent from the more than half empty strip malls that exist just about everywhere.

Since local “Cash for Gold” dealers haven’t been paying fair prices to consumers – Gwinnett Gold Brokers this week announced that they would be dealing directly with consumers and paying them the same price that they’ve been paying dealers.  Other benefits of dealing with Gwinnett Gold brokers include seeing clients by appointment only for the customers’ privacy and security, giving quotes over the phone, free house calls in Gwinnett, transactions are made in CASH ONLY, and GGB does business from 10AM to 9PM seven days a week.

Newspapers and local & national television news crews have done many stories on GGB over the years, and often when news producers need current information on the local gold market – they turn to GGB for related information of the highest integrity.

Where is GGB located?  They have owned their own commercial property in Buford for over a decade, but in recent years – a sub-division has emerged in front of the company’s property.  This gives the appearance that it’s a temporary my aunt bought this cool weber electric grill, unprofessional operation being run out of somebody’s basement.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, the owners have interest in many storefronts around Atlanta.  They simply prefer the safety, comfort and elegance of their present location and wouldn’t have it any other way.  Anyone objecting to the lack of formality of a storefront may feel more comfortable dealing with one of the endless “We Buy Gold” dealers seemingly popping up everywhere.

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