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RealNet CMP Brochure

Now offers Guides & Directories from areaís top local merchants
And our all new Online Consumer Directory featuring expanded web space for local merchants to showcase their
trades with pricelists and photos.

RealNetís new Online Edition is rapidly becoming the online newspaperís industry standard. Individuals are turning to their Online Edition for many reasons.

  • Itís easy to read from work or home
  • It often takes less time to read online
  • A family member may have made todayís newspaper Unavailable
  • Offers unique benefitsÖ contests/archives/searches and article Emailing

People are logging onto the Online Edition on a daily basis to find out:

  • Where tax dollars are being spent
  • Whatís happening in schools, and whatís not
  • What the political climate is, and what needs to be done to make it better
  • What crimes occurred when & where
  • And how to save money with the Online Editionís advertisers

RealNet CMP IntroducesÖ..The Online Edition

Traditional newspaper websites consider advertising revenues their top priority. They use news content as bait to lure readers in so they can flash blinding banners and spring pop-up after pop-up on the unsuspecting viewer.

This method of advertising is ineffective and does not generate a significant amount of revenue. Because newspaper websites generate such low sales levels, no companies have invested the resources to develop an online edition that serves both the reader and the advertiser in a civilized and productive mannerÖ..Until Now.

RealNet Solutions believes that a properly designed and maintained online edition will be more productive for both the reader and the advertiser. By placing the needs of the online reader first, a conservative amount of quality advertising will have a much greater impact. This level of advertising will more than cover the cost of development and production of online efforts.

The Online Editionís Origin

In 2000 members of RealNet partnered with the New York Times to design an Online Edition that would make sense. At the time the New York Times was spending over $3 million per year putting their news on a website that advertisers were not interested in advertising on and readers were not interested in reading.

Find out why the New York times currently makes over $23 million each year from itís online efforts. Also, find out how RealNet pioneered the localization of this new technology and has generated over 20,000 dedicated daily readers for itís premier edition in just 2 short months.

The main reason the Online Edition is so successful is because itís primary objective is to deliver the news to the readers in a streamlined fashion. Advertising space is very limited. Thatís why it is so hugely effective. And to further drive the advertisers message home, we make it available to only one company per industry. One cellular company, one grocery chain, one restaurant chain and so on. Availability is decreasing rapidly and once a company secures the spot for their industry, they become the icon for their product or service. Itís unlikely an advertiser will give up their spot to their competition. Call us today to see if your market is available for your company.

RealNet CMP 3341 Cross Rd. Buford Georgia 30519 (770) 831-6795

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AmeriCam ATLANTA - For The Most Advanced Vehicle Video Solutions Available Today! (770) 831-6795

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