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Lawrenceville Basement Finishing / Basement Buildouts

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LAWRENCEVILLE - How to finish / buildout your basement to meet any and all requirements...
Basements are always full of surprising possibilities.  One of the best advantages that basement build outs offer is the fact that the home usually appreciates in value the full amount of the cost of the build out - at the very minumum.

How to do basement design and layout
Typically the first thing the remodeler needs to consider are the intentions of the homeowner.  Adding living space, recreational space, bedrooms with bathrooms, home office space or an entirely self contained additional living space are all possibilities that drastically increase the home's value remarkably.

Pictures and images
We have plenty of before and after photos for our customers to draw inspiration from when building out their basements.

How to get the most out of the space available
A good approach to the design of your basement can maximize your space. It takes a trained and experienced designer to maximize on space and plan the build out for optimal value at minimal expense. 

How to handle problem areas
Many basements have problem areas like large awkward home appliances in the least convenient possible locations. Ductwork, plumbing and electrical pipes are common obstructions that need to be overcome.  This is another area where input from an experienced designer is vital.

Dealing with basement ceilings
A big problem with many homes is low ceilings in the basement. Unfortunately, many basement were originally designed for for storage only.   We have work arounds for problems such as these.

Designing spaces for kids 
Many of our clients converted their basements to areas where children of all ages can learn and play safely - all day long.  Home schooling or afterschool activities can all be better suited in an optimally designed area that's located in the security of your own home.

Designing space for bedrooms and bathrooms 
Extra bedrooms and bathrooms are the most common uses for built out basements.

Whether your number of family members increases, others are coming to stay with you or you simply wish to benefit from rental income - we can provide you with great solutions from one bedroom to entirely self contained apartments or suites.

Building an entertainment area including a bar or even a home theater in your basement
We have many different examples for converting your basement into an expanded area to entertain your family and/or guests.  Home entertainment centers can also accomodate a wet bar area as well as a home theater.

Creating a home gym or physical therapy area in your basement
Many of our clients chose to convert their basement into an area that improves their health in one way or another.  Whether you're adding a home gym or a family member has a need for physical therapy or assisted living - we have the custom solutions that you're looking for.
Creating expanded & organized storage areas
What ever the reason for building out your basement, the need for effective storage space continues to be ever present.  We make highly economical and efficient use of space to provide you with as much storage area as possible.

Designing the perfect home office
More and more jobs in the Greater Atlanta area are being co-located from the employees homes.  It cuts down on traffic and simply makes everybody's lives more efficient.  Companies also benefit from not having to maintain as much office space.

We have extensive experience in interpreting your professional needs and then accomodating them with extreme comfort and efficiency.  A productive work enviornment makes for better work product and potentially higher incomes.  We will streamline your workspace for you and you will be delighted to arrive at work each day.
Basement lighting
Probably the most important factor in optimizing basement buildouts is adequate and effective lighting.  No matter what you use your basement space for, if it doesn't provide the lighting you need - you will not be experiencing the full benefits of your investment.  We take extra measures and make sure you have all the light you require - and then some.

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AmeriCam ATLANTA - For The Most Advanced Vehicle Video Solutions Available Today! (770) 831-6795

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