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Georgia Sex Offenders Under Extra-Watchful Eye this Halloween






GDO Report

ATLANTA - Hundreds of Georgia Sex Offenders will be subject to additional restrictions by Law Enforcement Officials this Halloween evening. 

It's an added measure to help prevent any further sexual assaults from occurring under the cover of costumes being worn by many on the Holiday.

Many sex offenders convicted of violating under-age victims will be required to report to their respective Probation Officers during the evening hours while children are out 'Trick-Or-Treating.'  In some cases, it won't be wasted time as the offenders will be performing their mandatory monthly report with their case officers.

Other State Probation & Parole officers will be making rounds to ensure Sex Offenders on Probation or Parole are complying with further Holiday restrictions such as refraining from decorating their homes and going straight home after work and staying there for the rest of the evening.

Still, other Supervision Officers will be making compliance checks while conducting searches of houses and cars for prohibited contraband.

Convicted, Registered Sexual Predators and Offenders are supervised with more scrutiny than any other population on parole during the Holiday Season in recent years.

These added restrictions help children as well as sex offenders.  If the offenders are at home, hopefully there won’t be any false allegations against them.

The extra precautions have been in existence for years and have had a 100% effectiveness rating since they've been enacted.

One extra precaution that can be performed by watchful parents this Halloween evening might for Parents and Guardians to check the GBI’s Online Sex Offender Registry.  In addition to doing so on a regular basis, it's extremely wise to do so before Halloween eve.  All family members should have an accurate awareness of homes occupied by Sex Offenders in their neighborhoods.  The path being taken by children for 'Trick or Treat' should also be checked once again on the evening of.

The Georgia Sex Offender Registry, located at .  It is searchable by name, street, city, county and ZIP code.

Happy Halloween to All our friends, family and neighbors from our families here at Gwinnett Daily Online.

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