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Billions In Stimulus Scammed by Power Companies



GDO Report


ATLANTA - Great amounts of energy can be conserved and ultimately saved through the implementation of smart-meters on homes across the nation for gas and electric power. 

In fact, the savings can be in the billions each year - not to mention the positive impact it can have on the environment.  That's why one of President Obama's stimulus plans called for the "change" over to these smart-meters in American homes.  Upgrades to existing networks and power grids also must be made to manage all this new technology in order to bring all these wonderful savings and positive impact to fruition.

That was the "hope" anyway.   Somewhere in the mix, the goal became to "install the cheapest, most-bastardized, non-compatible and non-working smart-meter equipment for pennies on the dollar."  This was obviously done to make it look like the new technology had been implemented in American homes because that's what happened.

Right now, smart-meters have been installed in most homes across the nation that have absolutely no "hope" of ever performing the job our tax dollars paid for.   The meters have to be able to be read and managed remotely.  Key information has to be uploaded from these meters and then power conservation techniques must be implemented through them in order to have any positive effect from the "change" over. 

Most of the meters installed can never be compatible with the network they were installed upon.  Managing these meters is completely impossible with the equipment that's been installed in the field at this point. 

So, where do we go from here?  Pay billions more to replace all the faulty equipment?  That's what will have to happen to get them to function properly. 

Now that the "change" is all but complete, the new meters function exactly the same as the ones that they replaced, offering no additional benefit.  The billions in stimulus money turned into mostly profit for the power companies and their stock holders, just as the fat-cat power companies had hoped.

All the extra people hired to "change" out all the meters through "shovel ready jobs" have now mostly been laid off and nothing has really been gained.  Our country is none the better for it and a good deal more debt has been generated for future generations to pay off.  And let's not forget the "change" that was supposed to be made to the environment.

So much for "hope" and "change."

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