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Gwinnett Cash for Gold - Gwinnett Gold Brokers Pays You 80% True Market Value In Cash (770) 831-6795

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Mall of Georgia Cash for Gold Stores Surrender to Local Gold Broker


Mall of Georgia 

Cash for Gold
Cash for Gold 
Stores Are
No Longer Located

In the Mall.

The ONLY Cash 
for Gold Business
Available In the 
Mall of Georgia Area 
Can Be Reached 
(770) 831-6795



To Sell Your Gold in the Mall of Georgia Area...   Please Call   (770) 831-6795 

They Are Located Very Close to the Mall of Georgia.
CLICK HERE  (for Address & Map.

All Mall of Georgia Cash for Gold Stores Have
Closed Down and Moved Out...

Do You Plan To Sell Gold for Extra Cash This Holiday Season? 
                                                                                               If So - Then BEWARE!

 The 3 Biggest Things To Avoid When Selling Your Gold 

GWINNETT - If you plan to sell some of your old, out-of-date or broken gold jewelry to raise
extra cash for the Holiday Season - There are important telltale signs to watch out for when
selling to local cash for gold dealers.

The following are the three most common cash for gold techniques designed to take
advantage of consumers selling their gold:

1. Only Pay By Check:
Gold dealers who pay by check reserve the right to re-evaluate what they purchase from you
at a later time.  If they later determine that they made a mistake in your transaction - they
have the option of placing a "stop payment" on the check they issued you.  The customer
usually discovers this weeks later when they learn that the checks they recently wrote are
bouncing.  Upon contacting the gold dealer to find out why a stop payment was placed -
the customer learns that they must return to the store to try to work something out with the

The dealer's right of reversal is usually printed in light gray mouse-type on the back of the
contract that they have all their customers sign before they issue a check.  The contract's
printing is almost always too small and too difficult to read so consumers almost never read
the back of the purchasing agreement.

As though that's not bad enough, a new trend among disreputable gold dealers is on the rise. 
They agree to pay you in cash for your gold over the phone, and once you travel to their store
and negotiate a deal with them - they pull out their checkbook.  When you mention that they
agreed to pay in cash over the phone, the clerk tells you that their check is "as good as cash"
or "the same as cash."  

It's immediately obvious to hopefully everyone that this simply isn't true and is overwhelmingly
insulting.  Furthermore, if you happen to find the often obscure and remote institution their check
is issued on, the bank will charge you the all new $7 check cashing fee for non-bank customers.

 To Be Continued...



BUFORD - For years, shoppers at the Mall of Georgia could very easily bring their old, out of date, or broken jewelry and sell it to cash for gold buyers in the mall. 

For many, it was a convenient way to extend their shopping experience.  It didn't seem to matter that they were being paid only 20 to 40% of market value for their gold.  These shoppers seemed to value the convenience over doing what ever was necessary to receive a more fair value for their gold.
The mall gold dealers recognized this and instead of issuing a check for the gold they purchased - they pre-loaded the agreed upon value onto a pre-paid credit card.  This fed into the shoppers desire for convenience brilliantly.  Customers barely missed a beat in their shopping excursions.
But today, more and more people feel that it is important to be paid a fair amount for their gold.  Money is tighter than ever and things don't seem to be getting any easier in the forseeable future.  This seems to be the reason that ALL Cash for Gold Dealers in the Mall of Georgia have closed their doors.  They simply could not or would not compete with local area brokers who pay consumers 80 percent of market value for their gold.  The message they sent was that if they could not double or triple their money each time they purchased gold from individuals, they didn't want to be in business.
The message that local consumers sent was that if gold buyers don't want to treat people fairly - then they will take their business to a company who is willing to treat them fairly.  Gold buyers and dealers exist in the Mall of Georgia No More. 
Today, brokers like Gwinnett Gold Brokers of Buford are thriving by treating individuals the way they've always treated them.  By paying them 80% of market value and a straight 10% for referrals.  Customers are seen one at a time, by appointment only.  They're offered a free refreshment when they arrive and they're never rushed to make a decision.  Sales representatives always take the time to explain each step of the process so each client knows exactly what they're being paid and the company has not received a single complaint in all the years they've been in business.
Gwinnett Gold Brokers recently had to expand to a new location and is currently adding all new lines of innovative services to bring their special brand of client service to all new markets.  They're open seven days a week and see customers by appointment only.  For more information about Gwinnett Gold Brokers or to make an appointment to see one of their specialists, they can be reached at (770) 831-6795.

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