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Car Buying Hacks for the Best Deal on New and Used Cars

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BUFORD - "Space-Age Car Safety Technology" seems to be one of the highest priorities on car shoppers minds this Labor Day Weekend.

This new life-saving technology is known in the industry as (ADAS) or “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems." 

New car dealers are offering the upgrades on their top-of-the-line luxury cars for between 5 - $10,000.  Dealerships are pricing the middle-class, middle-of-the-road-class ADAS upgrades for a good deal less at $3,500 up to $7,500.  Most of the economy class cars don't yet offer the advanced safety features - and don't plan to for another year or two. 

When searching for the absolute-best deal on a car this Labor Day Weekend - The most important thing to remember about ADAS technology is simple: 

technology is available at aftermarket specialty stores for less than half the price available at dealerships.  One such store near the Mall of Georgia is called "AmeriCam ATLANTAThese stores offer the same exact systems that dealerships sell for far less than half the price.

The latest in ADAS, “Accident Avoidance” or “Collision Avoidance Systems” are not only much less expensive in stores that specialize in them, but the aftermarket product is fully upgradeable.  The product being sold in dealerships are not, most of the time.   When a new vehicle is sold by a dealership with ADAS installed – the technology is ‘frozen in time’ so to speak.   Once it's embedded in the new vehicle – it loses its ability to be upgraded.

Dealerships have no incentive to upgrade the ADAS devices installed in their vehicles.  They encourage their customers to purchase a new vehicle every year so the ADAS upgrades simply come equipped in the new vehicles.  One final consideration concerning ADAS tech - And that's the car's resale value.  Cars with upgradeable ADAS tech have much higher resale value.  As the technology improves, specialty stores like "AmeriCam ATLANTA" upgrade the systems they previously sold for nominal fees.  Evidently, that’s how they keep their doors open.  And with each new advancement in technology – vehicle safety is advanced as well.  This is exactly why vehicles with upgradeable technology have much higher resale values. 

Car Buying Hacks for the Best Deal on New and Used Cars this Labor Day

Buy New ADAS - Collision Avoidance Safety Technology 
                        Aftermarket for Less than Half the Price! 

 Check your credit report if you're financing

  3. Test drive the vehicle you want ahead of time

  4. Identify YOUR Extras ONLY! (the trim level you want)

  5. Know your budget

  6. Find ALL manufacturer or dealer promotions

  7. Get Your pre-approved auto loan

  8. Get an itemized cost list - Watch out for add-on features YOU don't want 

  9. Research Prices Online & Beware of "Four-Squares WorkSheet!" - A sleazy sales tactic to confuse you!  Remember - Your ONLY Defenses are to:

     a) Pre-Arrange your financing Before-Hand &
     b) Know Your Budget & Vehicle Price!

10. Take the Pressure Off by Walking Away! - At the end of the day - YOU Are The Boss of Your Own Money!  You have more leverage over the car-buying experience than you realize in today's Buyers Market.   Even if you spend three hours trying to get to your ideal price point - You can still walk away and give yourself the week If you're feeling PRESSURED! 

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