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The Minutemen - Angry American citizens taking U.S. / Mexican border patrol into their own hands...

GDO Reader Opinions

An editorial from

"The Minutemen Will Make A Fool Of President Bush"

President Bush has called the Minutemen, who are now patrolling the U.S.-Mexican border:"vigilantes."  I suppose that Bush believes anyone who wishes to help enforce our laws and maintain U.S. sovereignty is a vigilante. If our president had not....


Reader Response:

A reader recently referred to Project Minuteman (a…blocking force against entry into the U.S. by illegal aliens, drug dealers and potential terrorists." According to their stated purpose) in a positive light. Shame on that reader for not doing the homework.

Many news agencies refer to this group as "cowboys (not in a nice way)", "hate hunters", "vigilantes", xenophobes, etc. Why? When private citizens take the law into their own hands chaos is the only sure outcome.

The leader of the Minutemen, Grey Decon, recently stated that the project "…will expand into America itself." That comment should scare every freedom-loving American. Do you really want any private citizen to stop you in downtown Lawrenceville and demand to see your ID? Thank goodness, that is a felony. Decon goes on to say that he is only following President Bush’s exhortation in his State of the Union address, where Bush calls on all citizens to be "vigilant…against terrorists." Decon didn’t listen closely enough. Decon states that, "about 10% of (his) members are retired law enforcement officers."

The key word is retired. They are no longer acting "behind the shield." One wonders where the other 90% received their training.
Several international civil rights organizations have protested Decon’s group because his group is not authorized (or sanctioned) in the U.S. They have no training in international human rights, and many have weapons they don’t know how to handle (one of a "real" cop's worst nightmares). Border Patrol (and other government) officials have condemned Decon’s efforts, warning "…people are going to get hurt…you will have gunfights…people will get killed."

Yes, slipping across the border into the U.S. is illegal. So is impersonating a federal officer (another felony), and, yes, the U.S. does have an illegal alien problem but the problem itself is very complex. One of the answers is to take away the jobs that Latinos (not all are Mexicans) are coming to the U.S. to get (e.g., discontinue welfare for any U.S. citizen who refuses to work, even in minimum wage jobs such as in our agricultural fields and chicken houses). On the other hand, why don’t most homeowners or business, hiring day laborers, check for their green card? They are legally entitled to do so.

According to an unnamed source at Georgia DFAC, "Illegal aliens do not receive welfare or any other government assistance, in fact 99% of them are just here just to work not that we support them being here."

Vigilantes on the U. S. border are part of the problem not the solution. Remember most American families were once (illegal?) emigrants themselves.

J. Litchfield - Duluth


Reader Response:

Illegal immigration is out of control.

To some people and major corporations this is no big deal.

Compaines hire illegal immigrants through temporary worker's permits like H-1b's.  This puts a American workers who have the same skills and requirements out of a job.

This theory does not sound bad to major corporation CEO's because they save money so upper level management can enjoy huge payouts.

Cheap Labor and hiring illegal immigrants is wrong because it leaves American workers jobless.

Cheap labor also takes advantage of illegal immigrants.

Immigration and business have to be reformed in order for America to remain a strong competitor in the world economy.

President Bush and a great deal of Republicans are for big business, but not America.

J. Ondich


Reader Response:

It is about time we do what President Bush should have done.  Or for that matter, anyone else before him.

This land is our land - that's it, that's all!

If we were in Mexico, we'd get treated poorly.

By letting them cross into our country - they take away a lot jobs, go on welfare and/or house 6 or more in apartments.

We'll have to learn Spanish and we'll become the minorty.

Our tax dollars support their families and we lose jobs .

I am tired of it.

Why cant we take care of our own?

President Bush should be ashamed. 

He should take care of our poor, hungry, old and disabled and get rid of all illegal alliens.



Reader Response:

I would love to join the Minuteman Project!

Our borders should have closed long ago and it should be a top priority in Bush's admin.

Thank goodness someone is doing something.

Where do we send contributions?

Duluth, Georgia

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