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Local Author Jimi Akanbi Receiving Top Reviews and Record Sales with His Fourth Work






Local / Atlanta Christian Author Jimi Akanbi


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ATLANTA - Local Christian Author Jimi Akanbi releases his fourth work - '7 Attributes That Can Make or Break You'  to top acclaim and record popularity & sales.

Hailed by critics and readers worldwide, the book is an in-depth self help showing readers how to break free from negative attributes, such as, jealousy, pride, stinginess, judgment and lack of wisdom. 
It can be found Online through Amazon at

Readers find themselves examining their own lives through questions like - "Are you aware of your personal attributes?" and learn "that their negative characters do not need to be permanent - that they have the power to change them!"

Readers learn through his work that "Jealousy, judging, pride, and living by chance are attributes that hinder a person from getting the most out of life. Most people who suffer from any or all of these characters do not even know it" according to the author.  In his book, he gives the reader inspirational words on how to change their life by changing their ways.

'7 Attributes That Can make or Break You' discusses three crucial attributes (Gods wisdom, mercy, and giving) which can show readers how to open heavens here on earth.  Mr. Akanbi also shares unique and practical illustrations, and life experiences which he backs up with biblical scriptures.

In the author's words:

"Now its your turn to:
1. Free yourself from the bondage of negative attributes.
2. Be aware of these destiny killers and avoid them.
3. Arm yourself with the word of God and prayer.
4. Embrace positive characters and live a fulfilled life.
Quotes of Praise for "7 Attributes That Can Make or Break You" include I have read his first two books and am very happy that this up and coming author decided to do a 3rd. His writing style is both refreshing and easy for all types to grasp the lessons. Great 3rd book! Mari

About The Author:
Jimi Akanbi is a Christian author who has a passion for God. He holds an MBA in Finance and is an active member of the prayer team at his church. He has written four books, 7 Attributes That Can Make or Break You, Living a Fulfilled Life Daily, Taking Your Life to the Next Level: 7 Keys to Living the God Kind of Life and Uncommon Truths Leading to Success: Maximizing these Benefits of Christianity in Your Life.

In his spare time he likes to write, read, counsel and play sports. More information about Mr. Akanbi can be found at

Mr. Akanbi can be contacted at or (404) 454-5558 for further information - also, to request a copy of the book for review or for an interview.


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