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Gwinnett Custom Stained Glass - Mall of Georgia's Custom GlassWorks of Buford Georgia

GWINNETT - Stained glass windows are a terrific way to add a bit of color and personality to your home.

These ornate windows are colored by mixing pigments or metallic oxides in glass, or by painting and baking transparent colors on the surface.

These windows might be used in one room, or in a set of kitchen cabinets, or they can be integrated as part of your entire home's design. While there are many varieties out there, it can sometimes be helpful to hire a Atlanta stained glass window contractor, simply for consultation.  They can show you options and generally steer you a safe direction.  And should you decide to go with them, you can give them all of your business or simply have them install the glass for you.

While installing these windows can be a bit of a bold design choice, the right stained glass can add terrific highlights to your home design.

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