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Alpharetta Real Estate - The Kurzner Group ReMax Alpharetta Realty

ALPHARETTA - The Kurzner Group ReMax of Alpharetta Georgia is the Number One Source for Real Estate in the Gwinnett and Alpharetta area.  Whether you are purchasing a home or trying to sell your current home for the best possible price - the Kurzner Group promises to bring you the best solution possible.

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Our Company...
The Kurzner Group was founded on the idea that clients should be consistently provided with World Class Real Estate Service.  To guarantee such service every time, we use detailed and automated systems.  Through our commitment to provide "real estate service that exceeds our clients' expectations," we will achieve and maintain a leadership position as we serve our marketplace.
Our Clients...
Each member of the Kurzner Group understands that buying and selling real estate, for most people, is the largest investment a person will make in their lifetime.  We are dedicated to making the real estate process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for our clients.  We strive to always fulfill our promises.  Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones on which we base our entire practice.  We recognize our clients' lifetime value; the quality of our clients' experience with us will determine our future success.  Our clients are our extended families and our goodwill ambassadors.  We strive to create loyal and lifelong personal relationships with everyone we work with.  We want to make every person feel important and appreciated.  Our concern for our clients doesn't end at closing; it is just beginning.  We will be their real estate consultants for life. 
Our Work Atmosphere...
We have fun at what we do.  We work in a positive environment.  We recognize that each team member's attitude affects the other members so we strive to always stay positive with a clear vision of our common goal in the forefront of our minds.  We are consistent in the way in which we treat each other and how we treat our clients.  We have an "it's my pleasure" attitude and undertake our daily activities with care and kindness.
Our Team Members...
Each team member is a part of the corporation.  Without one of us The Kurzner Group can not function properly.  We reward innovation and encourage all members to bring new ideas to the group.  We empower our members to "solve problems."  We welcome change and realize that it is essential to the growth of our company.  There are no failures, only learning experiences.
Our Guiding Thought...
"Getting to number one requires total dedication to our profession&;Staying number one requires total dedication to our clients."

Our Credo
Your Real Estate Consultants for Life . . .
"You don't build it for yourself, what you do is
know what people want and build it for them."
                                                 ...Walt Disney

Being your Personal Real Estate Consultants for Life is not only our business philosophy, but our life long commitment to providing you with attentive, caring and personalized service; service which consistently exceeds your expectations.  This commitment begins with listening, hearing and truly understanding your needs and goals, a quality of business conduct that seems to be so lacking in today's impersonal, automated society.

As your Personal Real Estate Consultants for Life, it is our job not only to understand your needs and goals but to do everything in our power to help you meet these needs and reach your goals promptly, professionally and with integrity.  We pledge to provide you with sound real estate advice, helping you to understand the strategies of decision making and the future implications of the decisions you make.
As your Personal Real Estate Consultants for Life, We recognize your lifetime value and feel it necessary to provide you and all of our clients with a relationship you have grown to trust.  That means recommending what's best for you during your transaction.  It also means providing value and service to you on an ongoing basis as your own, Personal Real Estate Resource.

The Kurzner Group


Alliance Home Solutions

Mark Carrusca

We Buy, Sell, Renovate & Lease Houses
Any Area, Condition or Price

Creative Solutions to your Real Estate problems
Offer within 48hrs & Close Quickly

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AmeriCam ATLANTA - For The Most Advanced Vehicle Video Solutions Available Today! (770) 831-6795

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