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Fort Lauderdale - a new and better destination for spring vacation

GDO Staff Reports

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - For almost twenty years, Fort Lauderdale struggled with the image of being a destination for rowdy college students each spring season.  Kids drinking too much, being destructive, getting injured or arrested or worse.  And area businesses capitalizing on it by crowding them into hotels or offering wet T-shirt contests and such.

Well, after a few years hard work and investing several billion dollars, the city has done a very effective job of "Breaking" away from that image and molding itself into a world class host of good business and quality tourism.

Fort Lauderdale is not just a sprawling collection of municipalities with beachfront hotels to accomidate its still thriving tourism.  It also offers the world's largest discount shopping mall, a large population of real cowboys who hold a rodeo every weekend and hosts one of the world's largest cruise ship facilities.

On the horizion are a 450 room convention hotel, a $56 million New World Aquarium and an expansion of Port Everglades Terminal 18 which will be the largest cruise ship facility in the US.

Fort Lauderdale has become the leading South Florida destination for spending quality vacation time for the entire family.

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