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Buford Lowes Home Improvement


  Buford Lowes Home Improvement - Not "On the level" - 

GWINNETT - I recently paid over $14,000 to Lowes Home Improvement of Buford Georgia for laminent and tile flooring.  They did a beautiful job on the laminent but when they showed up to lay the tile - they demanded over $900.00 for extra "leveling" or they wouldn't do any work.  I asked if I refused, could I get a rufund on the tile - they told me that much of it would be used up in fees and charges.  So I paid the extra $900.00+ under protest.    

My floor is nowhere near level.  Over the span of 2 feet, there's an approximate half inch decline.  (Please see picture at bottom.)  My wife is somewhat handicapped and sits on a high stool while working in the kitchen.  Now she sits on a slant and it causes pain in her lower back.  

I called and went by Lowes of Buford several times.  I was told by managers that the installation manager would correct the problem.  I spoke with the installation manager twice.

Once he made an appointment to come by and inspect.  I postponed our moving in to the house by two weeks believing he would come by and fix the problem.  He never showed up and still hasn't called or showed up.  

I paid the extra $950 because I felt like I had a gun to my head.  They used the fact that they already had my money as leverage to get an extra $950 for nothing.  I went to Lowes because I thought this wouldn't happen from a major chain, and now I think it happened because they are a major chain with all the power.


We've had three local tile contractors come by and inspect and they all tell us that the tile has to be pulled and the whole job has to be redone.

In addition, to the floor not being level, there is at least one spot where the tile sticks up and my wife and I stub our toes when walking by it in the middle of the night.  Ouch!

, they NEVER installed the quarter-round trim either!

My wife and I paid to have this posted on the Internet in hopes that it will prevent this from happening to someone else. 

Paul Creel - Buford Resident (678) 357-7077


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