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Atlanta Company Redefines Personal Security with "Record, Preserve & Secure LifeStyle"

AmeriCam, LLC. of Buford Georgia plans to open its first "Vehicle Video Camera" store on February 1st at 3550 South Bogan Rd. near Mall of Georgia Toyota...


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ATLANTA - AmeriCam of Buford, Georgia has redefined the way individuals, families and employees can increase security by recording and preserving when away from the home or office.

"Record, Preserve and Secure" is the new way of life for those who wish to stay safe while preserving all of life's moments - according to those at AmeriCam.  "It all begins with the installation of our low-cost, covert recording unit in one's vehicle" - states Paul Martin, technology designer and founder of AmeriCam.

"Our central recording unit is mounted in one's vehicle where it stays unseen by others" he says.  "Those selling simple car cameras want you to place their older, bulkier recording devices in your dashboard area.  Initially, it may seem like a less expensive purchase - but it leads to a whole host of problems soon thereafter" he's quick to point out.

And he's right.  The less expensive units typically don't offer a whole lot of quality, are bulkier, are usually not too attractive, obstruct the driver's view and attract quick attention from thieves.  The next thing you know you're out one new car camera, you're paying for the window they smashed to get to it and they now have your video footage.

AmeriCam's systems are "Open System Architecture" (OSA) - so they accommodate the best technology available today and in the future.  Plus, OSA gear is always more advanced technologically and less expensive because all the manufacturers have to compete with one another to win your business.

Once you have AmeriCam's base system in place, any number of devices can be connected to it either directly by wire, can be connected wirelessly and also by blue tooth.  From the moment AmeriCam's system is installed, your vehicle can begin recording, preserving and securing your life, the lives of your family, friends and even those you work with - just like the folks at AmeriCam advertise.

Wearable cameras are already available in the market and have been for some time - so security does NOT stop at your vehicle.  It follows you as you walk from your car and into shopping malls, restaurants and as you go to and from work.

What if you don't want others having access to all you do throughout the day?  A system's owner has a very secure key to retreave the memory card and passcodes to access and decode AmeriCam's decrypted memory modules.  Plus, individuals are always free to simply turn off any of the cameras they don't want recording.

AmeriCam of Buford opens their doors February 1st of this year and can be contacted at (770) 831-6795 for more information.

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