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Atlanta Estate Jewelry, Antique Jewelry and Vintage Jewelry Sales, Brokers and Liquidation








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ATLANTA - Exactly why would a premium jewelry market boom at a time when many families find it difficult to make ends meet?  According to Paul Martin of Gwinnett Gold Brokers - the answer is quite simple.  In these tough times, many families have exhausted nearly all their financial resources with the exception of the one that's most valuable, most liquid and non-taxable. 

Sure, the family heirlooms have existed for generations, they're often very beautiful to look at - and they're almost always worth exponentially more than their original purchase price.  But cash is needed now for very many reasons, and this valuable resource has remained untapped. 

                      ..."What is everyone waiting for?" 

There seem to be many answers to that question, but for the most part - most people feel that it would be a betrayal to present and past generations to even consider liquidation of their estate jewelry for any reason.  But "rainy days" are upon us and more and more - people are coming to the conclusion that it simply makes perfect sense to sell at least a portion of their collection to get over a few of the more important hurdles. 

After all, what could be more important than mortgage payments, braces for our children's teeth or maintaining a high credit rating?   Let's be honest.  If your great grand mother were alive today, would she prefer that her jewelry be kept locked away in a vault - quite possibly never to be worn again - or would she be happier knowing that it went towards your child's college tuition so they can live a better life in the future? 

Other reasons individuals were hesitant about selling it were their fear of losing it or their lack of knowing how to go about the process of getting a fair price for their estate jewelry.

This is where estate jewelry professionals like Gwinnett Gold Brokers (GGB) can be very helpful.  Their recommendation is as follows:

1.  First, it is highly recommended that all items of value be kept in your lending institution's safety deposit vault.

2.  It is common practice for companies like GGB to visit you there and document your items with you right there in the area that your bank has provided for you to do exactly this.

3.  Photos are then taken, individually and of the entire collection and an itemized list is made with corresponding values.  A very small but extremely accurate scale is used to document each item's weight to the 100th of a gram.

At this point, everyone will have a good idea of each item's value and the owner may choose to sell one or more of the items right there on the spot.  If the estate jewelry professional doesn't have the cash ion hand to perform the transaction, there's plenty of cash in the next room to complete a transaction.

Everyone now has the information they need and intelligent decisions can be made accordingly.

Gwinnett Gold Brokers can be reached at (770) 831-6795 for any questions or to make an appointment to discuss your estate jewelry.

Atlanta Cash for Gold
ATLANTA - How to get paid two times the amount that Atlanta area "We Buy Gold" storefronts or "Cash for Gold" dealers are paying for your valuable gold and jewelry...

Step 1. Take your jewelry to any of the "We Buy Gold" stores around Gwinnett County or Greater Atlanta and have them weigh & test it.  Ask them to divide their offer into the different purities like 14k and 10k so you know how much you have of each karat.  Don't get upset by their low offer because that's their job. Most of them are paying about $3 to $5 per gram for 14k and they're trained to keep offering that low amount and eventually, some will come along that will accept that unfair amount.  Don't negotiate with them because you'll just get more upset by their offensive behavior. Remember, once you leave - you're really getting twice their offer  or more very shortly from us!

Step 2. Take your jewelry home and then Call Us! Gwinnett Gold Brokers Phone (770) 271-3434. WITHOUT telling us their offer - Tell us the weight of each karat of gold (example: 15 grams 10k, 25 grams 14k and 17.5 grams of 18k and one half ounce gold coin).

Step 3. BINGO! YOU'VE WON!  9 out of 10 times - Our offer is ALWAYS roughly two times their offer and Most Important - WE PAY IN CASH!

You can then bring your jewelry to Gwinnett Gold Brokers at our Buford location near the Mall of Georgia, mention who you spoke with and come collect your money. We still have to weigh it and test it, but if everything's what you represented - CONGRATULATIONS!

We also make FREE deliveries - so we'll be happy to come to your home or meet you nearby at a public location such as a mall food court or a fast food place.  (Delivery must meet certain minimum requirements - please call us for details.)

We see clients by appointment only so please call ahead. You can find directions to our location at .

Thank you for using Gwinnett Gold Brokers. Please call with any questions.

Gwinnett Gold Brokers
Main Location:
2300 Copper Trail Ln.
Buford, GA 30519
Phone (770) 271-3434

Link to Address, Map & Directions:

CLICK HERE - for Gwinnett Gold Brokers Map & Directions



ATLANTA - Gwinnett Gold Brokers located at the Mall of Georgia over the years has slowly become North Georgia's Number One Source for selling, purchasing and brokering antique and vintage estate jewelry.

Our ever-changing selection of bracelets, earrings, crosses, pins, brooches, necklaces, pendants, and lockets is as vast as it is endless.  And what's best is you can perform much of your shopping from the comfort, privacy and security of your own home.

Interested in Selling some of your own jewelry for cash, or perhaps simply a change here and there to your own collection?  Well, that's exactly why we're here.

Please contact us today to arrange a free consultation for what ever your needs may be.  (770) 831-6795

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