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Maryland - RISK FREE Cash for Gold Through the Mail

Cash for Gold Live! - Nation's FIRST 100% RISK FREE Cash for Gold Exchange Through the Mail! is the Nation's FIRST 100% RISK FREE Way
to Exchange Your Valuable Gold & Jewelry for the Highest Price in the Industry!

You Actually Watch Your Gold Get Tested, Weighed and Valued -
Before Your Very Eyes Over the Internet.
It's then secured and awaits your decision. 

Accept our offer and we'll get you your payment any way you wish - Immediately!

Should you decide not to accept our offer - We'll mail your parcel back to you.

It's THAT Simple!

Call Us Today for More Info...

MARYLAND - A Safe, New, Absolutely "RISK FREE" Method of Selling Your Valuable Gold and Jewelry Through the Mail Is Finally Available - Thanks to local firm "RealNet Solutions" of Buford, in Gwinnett County.

Selling your valuable gold and jewelry through the mail is now 100% safe when using - A Brand New Process developed by Atlanta based "RealNet Solutions." 

Exactly how does work, and what makes it 100% safe for customers?

RealNet Solutions of Buford has developed a fool-proof way to show ALL customers that EVERY pennyweight of their gold will ALWAYS be safe and accounted for - and each customer will be able to see their property with their own two eyes, from anywhere in the world - ANY time they want! 

This new process is a simple matter of 'Video-Verification' and the founders of hope to see it become the industry standard well before the upcoming holiday shopping season begins."

Here's how 's "Video Verification" works: has all deliveries logged directly into their heavily secured vault. 

From the moment each parcel leaves the delivery person's hands, up until the time that a deal is reached with each customer - every pennyweight of each client's gold remains under the watchful eyes of the vault's video cameras every second of every day.

As each package is opened, it will be identified by its unique delivery tracking number, itemized, tested and weighed in front of the cameras.

The contents will then be returned to the original package and thoroughly secured with a tamper proof seal.

Each customer will then be contacted with the value of their property, and will also be emailed a link to the footage of the processing of their parcel.

If the customer accepts's offer, they will be paid immediately, by which ever means they choose. Should the customer choose not to accept their offer - the parcel can be returned to the customer for the simple cost of the return shipping, only.

As an extra added layer of security. the vault actually has several time coded video cameras feeding their signals live, over the Internet, to an off-site secure video server recording EVERYTHING that happens inside the vault EVERY second of EVERY day from 3 different angles.

This is done for security purposes only, and the general public doesn't have access to these feeds.  It's merely a safety precaution as well as investigatory tool just in case, because one can NEVER be TOO safe!

To take advantage of the country's first Risk Free Cash For Gold Exchange Service by mail, here's their information...

Contact Information:

Shipping Address -
2300 Copper Trail Ln.
Bldg. 200 / Ste. 200
Buford, GA 30519
Ph. (404) 759-7277
Media Contact -
Debbie Creel, Comm. Dir.
Ph. (404) 759-7277 /

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AmeriCam ATLANTA - For The Most Advanced Vehicle Video Solutions Available Today! (770) 831-6795

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