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Gwinnett Cash for Gold - Gwinnett Gold Brokers Pays You 80% True Market Value In Cash (770) 831-6795

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Atlanta Cash for Gold

Thinking About Cashing In Your Old Gold & Jewelry?

Great Idea!

Let's face it. There are many legitimate reasons this makes good
sense for a lot of people, especially in today's dismal economy.

Thinking About Selling Your Gold & Jewelry Online or Through the Mail?


ATLANTA - Where does one turn to receive the best value for their gold and jewelry? After months of in-depth research, we've found the answers you're looking for:

The ever popular "We Buy Gold" shops continue to boast claims of paying the highest price - even though every one we've experienced pay among the lowest.
After all, they have to pay as much as $10,000 or more per month on rent, utilities, insurance, labor and so on. This explains why so many of the shops
close down within six or so months. But don't worry, for every one that closes down, two more open - either near shopping
malls or inside them at kiosks and such.

Pawn shops do their best to pay a fair price, but they too have high store overheads, plus they're required by law to not sell the gold they purchase for
40 days, while authorities can determine if the jewelry is stolen or not.

Overwhelmingly, the highest price we've found consistently being paid in the market is by legitimate gold brokers who have no stores or other exorbitant overheads. One such broker is located just outside the Mall of Georgia. We've heard time and time again from dozens of their customers how they continually pay more than
twice what the other gold buyers pay, and we've been hearing the same thing for over six months now.

While we hesitate to recommend any one company over another, we do all we can to discourage people from sending off their valuables through the mail to out of
state companies with clever advertisements on TV.

We used toencourage everyone to shop around on the phone, but only one store in the Atlanta area quotes gold prices over the phone - and that's Gwinnett Gold Brokers of Buford. If a gold buyer doesn't want to quote you what they're paying over the phone - it's probably wise to stay away from them.

Exactlyhow is it that Gwinnett Gold Brokers can afford to pay so much more than all the other "Cash For Gold" Companies Across the Country? We asked a manager at the company and this was their response:

Atlanta Cash for Gold
ATLANTA - How to get paid two times the amount that Atlanta area "We Buy Gold" storefronts or "Cash for Gold" pawnshops or strip mall dealers are paying for your valuable gold and jewelry...

Step 1. Take your jewelry to any of the "We Buy Gold" stores around Gwinnett County or Greater Atlanta and have them weigh & test it. Ask them to divide their offer into the different purities like 14k and 10k so you know how much you have of each karat.Don't get upset by their low offer because that's their job. Most of them are paying about $3 to $5 per gram for 14k and they're trained to keep offering that low amount and eventually, some will come along that will accept that. Don't negotiate with them because you'll just get more upset by their offensive behavior. Remember, once you leave - you're really getting twice their offer or more very shortly from us!

Step 2. Take your jewelry home and then Call Us! Gwinnett Gold Brokers Phone (770) 271-3434. WITHOUT telling us their offer - Tell us the weight of each karat of gold (example: 15 grams 10k, 25 grams 14k and 17.5 grams of 18k and one half ounce gold coin).

Step 3. BINGO! YOU'VE WON!9 out of 10 times - Our offer is ALWAYS roughly two times their offer and Most Important - WE PAY IN CASH!

You can then bring your jewelry to Gwinnett Gold Brokers at our Buford location near the Mall of Georgia, mention who you spoke with and come collect your money. We still have to weigh it and test it, but if everything's what you represented - CONGRATULATIONS!

We also make FREE deliveries - so we'll be happy to come to your home or meet you nearby at a public location such as a mall food court or a fast food place. (Delivery must meet certain minimum requirements - please call us for details.)

We see clients by appointment only so please call ahead. You can find directions to our location at .

Thank you for using Gwinnett Gold Brokers. Please call us with any questions or to make an appointment at (770) 831-6795.

Gwinnett Gold Brokers
Main Location:
2300 Copper Trail Ln.
Buford, GA 30519
Phone (770) 271-3434

Link to Address, Map & Directions:

CLICK HERE - for Gwinnett Gold Brokers Map & Directions


  • IT'S SIMPLE!We are one of only fewLICENSED GOLD BROKERS in the Greater Atlanta Area. Strict Industry Regulations Allow Us To Charge ONLYA 10% CommissionTo Our Customers - and 3% of That Is Absorbed By The Refinery. Sure, we pay more, but weexperience MUCH more business because of it.

  • High Volumes of Business at Low Mark-Ups WINSOver Large Profits from Few Sales EVERY TIME! We're the Good Guys! Call Us Today and Find OutFor FREE!

Call Us Today at (770) 271-3434 and find out over the phone exactly how much we're willing to pay you for your valuable gold.

Be sure to call around and get pricing from others as well. Only then will you know for sure that we offer the very highest amount.

Remember, if you call a store or broker and they're unwilling to tell you EXACTLY what they'reready to pay you for your valuable gold - You definitely DON'T need to do business with them. Typically, they'll do everything they can to get you burn up your gas and travel all the way down to their store so they can pressure you into accepting the lowest amount possible.

Gwinnett Gold Brokersnear the Mall of Georgia Specializes in Getting You the ABSOLUTE MOST for Your Valuable Gold.

We've been in business for over five years, and we've found that treating our customers fairly and honestly isthe ONLY thing that guarantees us steady, repeat business in the future.

Times have been tough for quite a while, and whether your selling or simply need a loan - we're here to work with you in getting the most value no matter what your need is.

No matter who you end up doing business with, be sure to get at least three competing prices and go with the one thatBEST suits your needs.

And MOST IMPORTANT - Be sure to always get paid for your valuables in CASH at the time of sale!

CALL US TODAY! (770) 271-3434

Cash forGold - AtlantaCash 4 Gold - Atlanta Cashfor GoldSpecializes in GettingYOU the ABSOLUTE MOST
for Your Valuable Gold.

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