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Vehicle Video Cameras in America - Part I

ATLANTA - Vehicle video cameras have been around for well over a decade.

A Multi-Part Reckoning of Vehicle Video Cameras in the United States...

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GDO Report...

ATLANTA - Vehicle video cameras have been around for well over a decade.

When self contained video camera systems for vehicles first became available in the open market - they were large, bulky and difficult to operate.  In addition, they were expensive to purchase and even moreso to operate.

Naturally, the new systems were originally welcomed by high-end commercial applications such as various governmental agencies such as various levels of law enforcement.  They also became popular among high-end extended security operations with sensitive business personel such as bank presidents & VP's as well as the transport of precious metals and currency around the world.   

As time marched on, the technology became less expensive while becoming much more versatile as it became more applicable to a wider circle of applications.  That's when vehicle camera systems migrated over from commercial to consumer markets.

Suprisingly, it wasn't the US that first warmed up to vehicle video technology - it was the European and Russian consumer markets where acceptance grew exponentially over short periods of time.  In fact, shortly after the technology bridged over to the consumer vehicle markets - it spread like wildfire.  The sudden and enormous surge in popularity was fuelled by waves of increased capabilities coupled with lower and lower pricing. 

Originally, it seems that most mid to high-end vehicles throughout Europe were all equipped with some level of vehicle video camera technology.  In Russia - cars simply seem incomplete without a video camera system.  And the more valuable the vehicle in Russia - the more sophistcated the video security system.

Today, it seems that just about every vehicle in Russia has a video camera recording at all times.  And that's in both the commercial and the consumer markets.  Necessity, low cost and high availability seem to be the three key factors that make vehicle video cameras standard gear on most European and Russian modes of transportation.

And Then Came the Websites
Vehicle Video Cameras in America - Part II 
(Rough Draft... )

Widespread use of vehicle video cameras ushered in the demand for websites to serve the needs of individuals with lots of videos to share.

Individuals have been eagerly uploading interesting video clips taken by their car or dashboard cameras.  Many popular websites have become videofile favorites with regular contributors being viewed by large numbers of xxx trafficing those sites almost daily.

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