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Google Partners With Automakers and Developers to Increase Vehicle Safety thru Android Enhancements


GDO Report
Senior Staff Writer:

Paul 0. Martin

ATLANTA - Google has joined forces with Audi, GM, Honda and more to form Open Auto Alliance (OAA) - a new consortium aimed at increasing vehicle safety through Android enhancements. ith the 2014 model year.

The main, most immediate objective is get all vehicles connected with one another at all times.  Once all vehicles on the road are connected with one another – safety will be maximized and injuries & fatalities from traffic accidents will have been nearly eliminated.

What Are the Benefits of Connected Cars?
OAA is working to implement a fully compatible platform standardized on Android technology that will enhance vehicle safety in many ways.

1. Accident Avoidance Systems utilize onboard cameras to detect and warn all Android Equipped Vehicles of anyone traveling on dangerous trajectories with one another.  Such systems can even alter the course of vehicles to avoid such troubled areas automatically. 

2. Onboard camera systems also lend greatly enhanced levels of safety and security to vehicles and their occupants by continuously recording what's transpiring both on and off the road.  By incorporating wearable technology, such safety measures don’t begin and end within the immediate vicinity of ones automobile.  The benefit of having recording memorable experiences with no added effort is simply a bonus.

3. Vehicles that are part of the Android network will be fully connected with one another making travel fluid and well coordinated - minimizing travel times while maximizing everyone’s safety on a global scale.

Other ways in which the new OAA driven lifestyle is (enhanced) beneficial include the full and seamless implementation of wearable technologies as driver and passengers enter compatible vehicles.  From there, everything from communications to infotainment will all be greatly enhanced by Android technology thanks to the OAA initiative.

The best part about this new Android based technology is that you don't have to postpone purchasing your new vehicle.  This technology is already available in many of this year's 2014 models.  Contact your local dealer for availability and pricing or you can speak with individuals familiar with OAA and Android available models at (770) 831-6795.

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