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Accident Avoidance Systems in the Mall of Georgia area - Turning Your Car into a "Smart-Car" for ONLY $850

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Mobileye Collision Avoidance Technology
from AmeriCam ATLANTA

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<% End If%> BUFORD – Mall of Georgia area drivers filed an average of 27% fewer ‘Accident with Injuries” claims in 2013 while using safety technology from Mobileye.  Atlanta drivers who opted for the $850 device also saw a drop in property damage accident claims.  Data is based on a year-long study of all accident claims to insurance companies by the “Insurance Highway Safety Institute” in 2013.

The technology is called “Collision Avoidance Technology (CAT)” and systems are referred to as “Accident Avoidance Systems.”  The company responsible for this space-age technology is called “Mobileye” and their local dealer serving the Greater Atlanta area is AmeriCam ATLANTA.  

flagship store is located in the Mall of Georgia area but the company plans to open additional stores throughout the Greater Atlanta as well as the Southeast in the near future.  Those interested in franchising opportunities are encouraged to contact AmeriCam at (770) 831-6795.  In the interest of public safety, the faster vehicles adapt to Mobileye’s life-saving technology – the more accidents involving bodily injuries and fatalities will continue to decrease.

Until AmeriCam makes their expansion to your area, the company is performing on-site installations for individuals at their place of employment while they’re working – or at their residences to accommodate the needs of those with not nearly enough time in the day.

Ever since Mobileye went public in August of this year, many of their dealers like AmeriCam have been swamped with a high volume of calls from interested drivers.  The Buford company’s website atiAmeriCam.com has been experiencing a great deal of traffic as well.  “Especially our pages that have short video demonstrations - showing the new, life-saving technology in action” states Paul Martin – one of the company’s founders. 

“We’ve received a good deal of positive feedback from individuals who appreciate the simplicity of each of the videos – making the technology very easy to understand.  We’ve also received a lot of appreciation for videos being free of any drawn-out salesmanship.”

“I just hope everyone doesn’t all purchase systems at once” Mr. Martin adds.  The relative low-cost of the devices along with so many people learning about the technology all at once - has dealers like AmeriCam worried of supply running out half-way through the Holiday Season. 

Those interested in taking advantage of the product’s low cost and incredible benefits are urged to get them while they can.  Otherwise, they may be waiting for re-supply some time early next year, as with most popular technologies these days.


More On Mobileye and AmeriCam ATLANTA
Parents Using Collision Avoidance Technology to Teach Teenagers Safe Driving Skills

BUFORD – Most of the drivers who have recently made the $850 investment in an “Accident Avoidance System” from Mobileye have had spotless or near-spotless driving records with zero accidents in their recent driving histories.  But they have sons or daughters who will soon become drivers and need to begin developing safe driving skills soon.

Parents we’ve interviewed tell us that they aren’t automatically assuming that their kids will be bad drivers, but they are very concerned and aware of just how many distractions all drivers are faced with today.  Parents, like all of us, are also painfully aware that it only takes a second or two of being distracted for an experienced driver to get into trouble behind the wheel.  It can only be a great deal more challenging for those with little to no driving experience.

And let’s not forget that today’s talking heads in the media are sensationalizing distracted driving habits - comparing them to alcohol consumption.  While many agree that on it’s face – the comparison seems like nonsense.  But such talk does make parents think, especially when today’s teenagers can seem completely consumed by their electronic devices.  So maybe it takes another electronic device to counter the problem.

Mobileye’s collision avoidance system utilizes audio and visual alarms to warn drivers when dangerous conditions are ahead, giving the driver time to avoid or mitigate hazardous road conditions.  It’s the perfect tool for developing safe, disciplined driving skills in new drivers. The devices are available for just about every vehicle on the road today, and they cost only $850 plus installation.

AmeriCam ATLANTA in the Mall of Georgia area is available to answer all your questions and will help you to experience this life-saving technology first-hand.  They’re there to help make adding Mobileye technology as simple as possible for parents and drivers alike.

Call AmeriCam ATLANTA Today at (770) 831-6795 
to schedule a free consultation.
Or visit iAmeriCam.com on the web to learn more


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AmeriCam ATLANTA - For The Most Advanced Vehicle Video Solutions Available Today! (770) 831-6795

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