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Leading Atlanta Area Gold Firm Seeks Partner for Expansion

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Gwinnett Gold Brokers of Buford recently
began looking for a partner to join
them in upcoming expansion to
accommodate forecasted increase
in market activity.

Paul 0. Martin
Senior Staff Writer

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<% End If%> ATLANTA - Gwinnett's leading gold firm recently began looking for a partner to join them in expanding their business to accommodate the forecasted surge in market activity that’s expected to last until Europe legitimately solves their debt crisis.  

Gwinnett Gold Brokers has a 5year history of consistent success in the business of purchasing gold and other precious metals from individuals and businesses alike.  They attribute their long-term success to a unique implementation of several of their innovative strategies.  These strategies include maintaining an extremely low overhead, dedicating themselves to a high level of customer care and performing top level programming which almost always secures them number one placement in search engines. 

The one strategy, however, they attribute most of their success to – is making sure their clients receive at least 80 percent of the value of their gold and other precious metal.  That typically equates to more than double the amount their competition pays their customers.

Even though GGB is profiting less than half of the other “cash for gold” dealers, they enjoy more than twice the amount of business that other companies in their market experience.  To the folks at Gwinnett Gold Brokers - that's simply better business.

Not only is the company making higher profits overall; they are generating much happier clientele as well.  That generates a higher amount of referral business from their customers’ families, co-workers and friends along with a greater amount of repeat business.

Another reason the company is in need of expansion space and capital is because they will soon be implementing innovative new lines of services they'll be performing regularly for their clients.  These new lines are designed to open up entirely new sources for purchasing gold at their usual 20% discount. 

These services include on-site appraisals and purchasing so that their clients don’t have to risk leaving their homes or offices to sell their gold.  Another service GGB will soon be adding is discounted gold purchasing for clients that are migrating financial portfolios to safe haven investments.  Over the next year, the US stock market is expected to perform poorly.  Stockholders are sick of watching their investment portfolios decrease in value and many of them are expected to migrate their funds to ones of safe haven status.   Precious metals are largely anticipated to increase in value more than any other.

GGB’s expansion is all part of their new million dollar business plan which has been over a year in the making.  The very best of market researchers and business consultants were utilized in creating their new path that will help Gwinnett Gold Brokers maintain their reputation for being Greater Atlanta's precious metal industry leader.

More on Gwinnett Gold Brokers:
Gwinnett Gold Brokers' overall objective in adding a partner is to better facilitate the implementation of the next phase of their business plan.  This phase includes enhancing their lines of services they perform for their clients.  By adding new services, the company adds new sources of gold to purchase, which, in turn, increases the company's overall profitability and expands their customer base. 

GGB has spent more than a year with top-level market researchers and business consultants developing new and innovative ways of opening new doors and new methods of purchasing gold at a 20% discount.  As company president Paul 0. Martin states - "There's nothing like purchasing ten one hundred dollar bills for only $800, and that's essentially what we do - many times over, every day of the week." 

The company's push to purchase increased amounts of gold and silver is to satisfy their clients who are looking to profit while transitioning their vulnerable market-based investments to ones of safe haven status.  This new phase of their business plan takes advantage of the company’s unique competitive market position and capitalizes on it giving their clients an added advantage in their investment strategies.  The stock market is forecasted to perform poorly throughout the remainder of the year and an enormous migration from stocks to precious metals increases daily worldwide.  GGB is in an extremely unique position to help these investors purchase gold and silver at a discount as they migrate to safe haven investments. 

Interested parties are encouraged to contact Paul 0. Martin at (770) 831-6795 while this opportunity is still available.  Mr. Martin can also be reached by email at Paul0Martin@att.net.  Seriously interested parties may wish to hurry because the company is only taking on one partner and this opportunity will probably not last long.

Interested parties are welcome to contact Paul Martin at (770) 831-6795

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