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An Editor's Message To Our Readers Who Respond To Those In Need

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Gwinnett Daily Online - Message from the Publisher

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<% End If%> BUFORD - Our Online publication first began reporting in January of 2001.  We report news from local to world-wide.  We may never have decided to move forward with our publication had so many news media groups not focused so heavily on negative news content.

The reason that negative content is so popular over that which is positive is more of a matter of profitability than anything else.  Profitability has obviously been something this publication has kept low on its priority list since day one.  Honestly, we had hoped that positivity would have gained in popularity by now - and we still keep the faith.

That's most likely why our company loses an average of $250,000 each year.

The only reason we publish bad news at all is because sometimes, when we do so honestly and free of sensationalism, it sometimes strikes a note in the hearts of those who are willing to reach out and lend help to victims in any way they can.  They do so when their help is needed most, and usually when the victims are close to their very end. 

The people who respond are quite literally saviors of lives and sometimes even saviors of souls.

In our very first year, we published a story of a local brother and sister who were kidnapped.  Because of our efforts, the two were re-united with their family all the way from a country in the Caribbean.  One can only imagine where they were on their way to, and what may have become of them.

Our organization was credited with being the sole reason the children's recovery was possible, and when it came time for public recognition for our efforts, we declined because it is so far from the reason we do what we do - and we feel that it tends to nullify our intentions and our efforts.


It seems that every year, when our company has depleated our resources and we're close to giving up, something miraculous occurs and encourages us to dig deep within ourselves and somehow find what it takes to keep things going another year - and this year is no different.

GDO never solicit funds or donations from anyone and should we have to close our doors, we hope that it will be temporary until we can work hard and fast to put funds together again to continue our efforts.

We're currently in our seventh year of publication and speaking for myself, it has been the most rewarding years of my life.

Just recently, we published a story about a robbery victim who was close to losing everything and, once again, a miraculous and selfless individual came to her rescue.  This person's generosity helped in countless ways.  Probably more than anyone could ever know or imagine.


This person expressed that they had a concern that the industry the victim had been working in at the time of the incident was being painted with a brush that tainted the entire industry.

Not only was that not our intention, the fact that this person participated in that specific industry for a very long time, and then was so very generous towards the victim speaks volumes.  And we all have to stay aware that bad things happen to good people of all walks of life no matter what they do for a living.

We regret having to publish negative stories at all, but without them, we might never know of the angels that walk amongst us each and every day.

This and this alone is the only portrait we attempt to paint with every issue we publish. 

Where on Earth would any of us be without individuals like as you?

Thank you, from ALL of us.

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