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5 Ways to Grocery Shopping With Kids Not Awful

Not everyone is lucky enough to shop without kids. Yes, you can shop for your groceries on your way home from work or some other time when the kids are not with you. However, this is not a feasible option for many and at all times.

Here are 5 ways to go ahead and shop for your groceries with the kids, yet come out sane and composed:

  1. List

a list of things you want to buy and split it up between the kids. These can be items that do not need much thought to be put in. you can avoid giving perishables as you may have to check the quality and dates before buying it.

When you give kids something to do, they feel important and are kept occupied. This will give you some time to do your shopping at your own pace.

  1. It A Game

If you have just one child with you or you are not keen on letting the children out of your sight at a store like DoodleBuckets, you can keep them with you and play a game. You can read out the next time on your list and see who finds it first. This will reduce your searching time and also keep them alert only for things on the list and not other things in the store.

  1. Wait In Line

Let your child check out the items and pay for them. Getting to wait in line a pay real money will give them a sense of importance and they will take this seriously. This will also teach about handling money carefully.

  1. Talk

Have a talk with them before you go to the store. Patiently explain where you are going and what you plan on buying. Tell them about the importance of good behavior and bad behavior will only lead to time off or leaving the store without anything.

  1. Let Them Be

Sometimes you just need to let kids be kids. As long as they are not disturbing others around or damaging property, don’t try to control them too much. If they have a million questions, answer them patiently.