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Do You Lose Weight In A Sauna?

Sauna does provide a few health benefits and help you feel great when you use it. It helps you to an extent in your weight loss journey but the benefits of it are over exaggerated with respect to weight loss. Sauna makes you sweat a lot and you feel light when you get out of it as you would have lost some water weight. As per weight loss experts, losing water weight is not permanent as you get it back fast when you consume foods in solid form. The concept behind the sauna is generating heat which makes you sweat a lot.

Sauna can be effective when you combine it with an ideal weight loss plan and workout regimen. You have to fix a steady weight loss goal that is realistic and workout towards achieving it. For example, Nutrisystem and Medifast are the two acclaimed weight loss programs that help you lose weight by setting up a realistic goal. Both the programs help you lose up to 2lbs per week which can be easily achieved if you follow their guidelines. The programs also provide online diet counseling and community to share tips with fellow dieters. To choose the most suitable one for you visit Jane’s blog for details about the diet programs.

When you increase your body heat it will help you burn some extra calories. This enables your body to continue burning calories even after several hours of spending time in sauna. Due to rise in temperature, your heart also starts beating 30% faster which implies that your body has to burn more calories for energy. Today, people are using sauna for also detoxifying the body as they will be able to expel toxins through perspiration. However, too much of sweating is also not advisable as it leads to loss of electrolytes from the body. Using sauna moderately helps your weight loss endeavor.