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Top Tips on How to Care for Your Leather Briefcase

Leather is probably one of the most preferred materials when it comes to choosing a bag or case meant for office. Leather is long-lasting, looks classy and is also easy-to-maintain. Whether it’s a fine grain leather case or a top grain one and whatever the colour of the leather, it does require some care to keep it looking new and durable.

It is important to know here that easy maintenance does not mean no maintenance. Heat, cold, dryness, humidity, abrasions, oxidation and the effects of everyday use do begin to reflect even on the high- quality leather bags when they are not maintained properly.

Here are some tips on how you can take care of your leather office bags and cases:

  • Always keep your bag clean. A real leather bag is made of processed animal hide and in order to last long, the leather must be able to breathe. Hence keep the surface and the inner pouches, compartments clean.
  • Use a soft cloth to remove any dirt, dust etc., which is settled outside and inside the bag.
  • If your bag or case has been exposed to water, then remove the moisture as quickly as possible and completely air dry the leather.
  • There are leather maintenance balms, creams or solutions available in the market. You can use these, depending on the frequency and roughness of your use to care for your leather briefcases and bags. However, do ensure that these maintenance products are free of synthetics and chemicals. Go for a recommended, tested and positively reviewed product. This helps to keep the leather case or bag fresh and pliable. This is known as conditioning the leather, which is an integral part of keeping the expensive leather products durable and looking new for a long time.
  • It is important to store the bag properly when not in use. Remove the contents inside, wipe clean and store it away from sunlight and keep it away from humidity. Place it in a breathable cotton bag and keep it dry.

We hope these tips help you to keep your precious bags safe and lasting long. Also, if you’re looking at gifting options, then I can recommend these stylish leather briefcases for men. With the above tips, these bags sure can be used handily for a long time and be useful to the person you have gifted them to.